Yo Yo's


Affordable fully functional promotional yoyo. Colours White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Bright Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black. Dimensions Dia 55mm x 36mm.

Colours: White, Yellow,…

Sizes: Dia 55mm x 36mm.

YO YO - Black

Metal with black gloss finish. Packaged in a two-part presentation box


Metal with silver plated finish. Packaged in a two-part presentation box..


Yo-Yo Badge Reel Unprinted

Yo-Yo Rectractable. Attaches to your belt and is a convenient method of accessing your swipe card. Has a retractable cord that can be pulled out. Suitable for security cards; door swiping and can be attached to belt buckles; lanyards; etc. Available in black, blue and white. SizeNot Specified

Yo-Yo Badge Reel with Digital Print and Added Epoxy Dome

Our local Yo-Yo Retractable Reel available in Blue, Black and White with a PVC Strap with Full Colour Logo Print and added Epoxy Dome. Great for smaller quantities and when time allows. SizeNot Specified

YoYo or Retractable Badge Reel INDENT

Retractable Reel or sometimes know as YoYo's. We produce many options in-house, however sometimes if time allows and depending on your quantities required it can be more economical for us to order them indent. These reels can also be PMS matched for an additional dye charge. Price below is for the most popular reel which is available in…

Yo-Yo Badge Reel with Digital Print

Our local Yo-Yo Retractable Reel available in Blue, Black and White with a PVC Strap PLUS Full Colour Digital Print directly onto the reel. Great for smaller quantities and when time allows. SizeNot Specified

Flashing Yoyo

High quality yoyo with flashing lights for a unique way of presenting your logoSizeDiameter 5.5cm

Colours: red , blue , green

Premium Plastic Yoyo

Superior Quality YoYo with large printable area for your company logoSizeDiameter 5.5cm

Colours: white , red ,…

Standard Plastic Yoyo

Standard yoyo with smooth surface ideal for almost any logo printingSizeDiameter 5.5cm

Colours: white , red ,…


YO-YO Polished metal. 1300 ONLY

Plastic YoYo

Yo-yo in either Red, Blue, White. Made of high impact plastic measuring 5.5cm in diameter.

Colours: White , Red , Blue

Wood Yoyo

Yoyo that is manufactured from wood and cotton string which are renewable resources and biodegradable. Wood is a natural material that produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour and branding.

Colours: Natural.

Sizes: Dia 55mm x 33mm.

Light Up Yoyo

Attention grabbing yoyo that lights up when used.

Colours: Clear, Orange, Red,…

Sizes: Dia 55mm x 29mm.

Executive Yo Yo

Chrome all metal yo-yo. Boxed-

Colours: Silver

Sizes: 50mm Diameter

Promo Yoyo

Colourful promo yo yo with contrasting white edges and large branding area. Features: Large branding area Four bright colours

Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red

Sizes: 55 x 55 x 30mm

Vivid Cool Flashing Yo-Yo

Vivid Cool Translucent Yo-Yo. Including Flashing Light (batteries included) Size - 57mm x 36mm

YOYO Cable Manager

Product Colour:Grey, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, White Features:Small but stylish cable manager with clip function. Protects your head phone cables from getting tangled!  Certification:CE, RoHS Design Patent:PSL Design Patent  Standard Packaging:PSL Design box Product Size:Dia 36 x 15 mm  Print…

Glow in the dark yo yo

Yo yo  Glow in the dark plastic 1 colour print 2 sides 57mm diametre