Hoot Bird Feeder

The Hoot Bird Feeder brings the gift of bird song to any house or garden and is beautifully presented in a printed gift box. The roof unscrews so it can be filled with bird seed which drops down automatically into the feeding tray. Hoot is easy to take apart for cleaning and it has a real wooden pole for the birds to sit on.

Colours: white, Black

Solar Flower

Flower pot shaped solar charger with 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside with an output of 5V/max. Features : Features 1000mA, 2 green leafs, big round solar panel on top,…


Groundbreaking Shovel with Wooden Handle

Turn the first sod with our commemorative gold or chrome plated shovel. Keep the shovel in a museum and display it for years to come!  Minimum Order: 1 Pack Size: 1 Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks


Set of 7 garden tools. Harrow, 2 spades, gloves, watering can, wire and scissors with bag.

Plant in watering can

Mini garden watering can. Pour water in the soil substrate to grow wonderful 'Forget me not' flower. Product Size: 10.5 x 5.5 x 5.8 cm

Gardener Garden tool bag assortment

7pc Gardening Kit. Secateur, Gloves, Fork, Cultivator, Trowel & Plant Ties Product Dimensions: 300 x 190 x 70mm                         


The Ecopot is the same concept as the Biopot but uses less paper and holds 3 sticks rather than 5. The entire product is biodegradable with the pot being made from cornstarch which breaks down in compost over time. Printed on 100% recycled board using soy and vegetable based inks. Price includes full colour print on packaging and 1 seed…

Dig It Garden Box

3-pcs garden tool set Includes: 27.5cm cultivator, 34cm spade trowel, 29.5cm soil hoe Beech wood handles with leather loop attached for hanging Displayed in a natural pine wood po di fame bespoke box with sliding lid

Magic Garden (12pcs)

A magic garden with trees, mountains and grass. See it grow before your eyes! Everything you need to make a flowering crystal Garden is included. After two hours the buds will start to form and in just 10 hours its fully grown. 

Windowsill Gardens

4 varieties available.  Herb, Salad, Strawberry and Sunflower. Each set includes a rustic windowsill pot, sachets of seeds, soil pellets and full instructions. Must be ordered in carton lots of 12. Mixed orders are fine. Price includes a full colour sticker sized 70 x 40 on the pot.

Herb Gardens, Childrens Seed Pots

So many selections - Please ask us what we can arrange for you

lil Gardens

Seed Pots Perfect for all - Great Branding area for sticker overprint or full custom print (mins Apply)  Includes Soil Mix and seeds  Just add Water 

Egg Pets

Munakuppi characters also fondly known as ‘Egg Pets’ which are a great activity for the holidays. These funky little grow kits are so cute and will keep all the family entertained. Each fun ceramic animal comes in a plastic see through cylinder complete with soil, 2 sachets of seed and easy to follow growing instructions.…

Window Pots

What a fantastic way to keep your brand or company top of mind in the workplace or home.These ranges of mini garden pots are a low cost way to take gardening and your brand to the office or the home. These fabulous Little Gardeners grow kits would be a great holiday project, and make an ideal low cost, high earning fundraiser for…


Seed Sachets - off-shelf or 100% branded to your requirements. Available in 8 popular promotional varieties.Seeds are sealed in film to maximise seed viabilityRecyclable material Finished size: 70x100mm Available from stock, delivery 3 - 5 working days Money Plant: Life is like a garden, nurture i with positiveness and joy to…

Garden Bag (Large)

Large garden bag with tool pockets for your garden accessories.

Grow Pack

Growpacks have been specifically designed to 'germinate'and 'grow' seeds inside the clam pack. With an extensive range of seed varieties to choose from, Growpacks can convey a number of environmental or growing messages to any pertinent market. The printed insert* to the pot can be informative, an advertisement, a competition or perhaps…

Kids Gardening Gloves

Kids Gardening Gloves. If your little ones would like to do some gardening then you must protect thier hands with children's gardening gloves. Available in cutes designs and colours.

Tiger Tuff Heavy Duty Steel Handtruck - Dual Handle

MD This quallity, high capacity, extra heavy duty Tiger Tuff Handtruck is uses an ultra-heavy duty steel construction to provide bullet proof reliability and massive 360kg capacity. Designed for use in warehouse environments the lightweight puncture proof wheels ensure that time wasting flat tyres are a thing of the past. Capacity: 360kg…

Mini Pots

AWESOME Pots, Great Seeds - Just ask

Garden Bag Medium

Medium garden bag with 6 outside pockets to hold all your garden tools.

Mini Terracotta Pots

Mini Terracotta Pots Use them as a thank you gift for your wedding guest. Or at a kid birthday party, watch them have hours and endless fun painting and planting them. Also makes a great promotional gift for the corporate client. Please specify if saucers are required as they are an additional cost