Custom Condom Sleeve Pack

These folding cardboard promotional condom sleeves are available with a full colour printed outer, black and white printed inner (must contain mandatory usage instructions on inside) and your choice of coloured, flavoured or specialty condoms from the Four Seasons range along with a small sachet of water-based lubricant. Each pack includes a Custom Cardboard Sleeve + Condom + Lubricant Approx Size of Sleeve - 95mmW x 65mmH x 8mmD Shelf…


Promotional Condoms

This product contains a four seasons condom packaged into a sealed poly bag with a full colour label. This lightweight, pocket sized promotional item can be easily distributed to clients via mail or as a handout giveaway. TGA approved condoms. Colour/Flavour/Fragrance: regular, tighter, larger, naked, strawberry (pink), blueberry…

Condoms - Pack of 4

3 condoms or 4 condoms or mixed condoms/lubricant.

Delux Heart

3 condoms or 2 condoms + 1 lubricant + 1 Instructions flyer