Seamless Sherpa Style Bandannas

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Polyester sherpa style bandanas usable for multiple purposes, also named as Head/Neck Wraps. 

Seamless bandannas made from soft polyester bringing a comfortable touch feel can be used as headbands, headwears, neck gaiters, cravats, hairbands, scarves, beanies, balaclavas, masks, etc. The item is for Occasions of Hiking, Skiing, Cycling, Jogging, Dancing, Yoga, Motorcycling, All Sports, Dressing Accessory, etc. Your logo is available by Sublimation on both sides. Please note exact colors might differ slightly to your artwork due to different factors as heat, pressure, and time of printing. 

25 x 50cm (seamless)     

Material: 100% Polyester // Product Size: approx 25 x 50cm (seamless)     


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