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Herb Potting

Includes Zinc pot, plant tag and instructions, dehydrated soil and your choice of either Basil, Chives or Parsley seeds from Australia. Pad: 40mm(h) x 30mm(w) ONLY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - BE QUICK!

Pure Scented Essential Oil

9.75ml bottle of pure scented essential oil. Choose from clove, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and peppermint. Essential oils have been used for centuries by various cultures and have proven health benefits which stem from their antioxidant, anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties. They are made from distilling plants, flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin and fruit peel etc. Essential oils are used as air fresheners, insect…

Colours: brown



Set of 7 garden tools. Harrow, 2 spades, gloves, watering can, wire and scissors with bag.

Plant in watering can

Mini garden watering can. Pour water in the soil substrate to grow wonderful 'Forget me not' flower. Product Size: 10.5 x 5.5 x 5.8 cm

Mint Seeds

Paper pouch with mint seeds ready for planting. Contains vermiculite, perlite, peat and mint seeds.


The Ecopot is the same concept as the Biopot but uses less paper and holds 3 sticks rather than 5. The entire product is biodegradable with the pot being made from cornstarch which breaks down in compost over time. Printed on 100% recycled board using soy and vegetable based inks. Price includes full colour print on packaging and 1 seed…


New York based company Aruliden, in conjunction with internationally acclaimed luxury design company, Gai&Gino have developed Glasscape; a beautiful reinterpretation of the classic fishbowl. This unique design transforms the traditional fishbowl into a beautiful new icon for the home. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, each…

Egg Pets

Munakuppi characters also fondly known as ‘Egg Pets’ which are a great activity for the holidays. These funky little grow kits are so cute and will keep all the family entertained. Each fun ceramic animal comes in a plastic see through cylinder complete with soil, 2 sachets of seed and easy to follow growing instructions.…

Seed Packets - 100% branded to your requirements

Inside each full colour printed envelope is a sachet of seeds. Seeds are sealed in foil maximise seed viability. Finished size: 75x145mmOr to your custom size, knife cost extra Minimum order quantity: 2000 units Delivery: 6- 12 weeks dependent on order quantity