Brandcharger Products

Mounty Air-Vent Phone Holder

Premium and elegant in design the Mounty air-vent smart phone holder blends in with any car interior.…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 95 x 90 x 60 mm

Lynq Desktop Hub with Wireless Charger

Features: Get organised with the LYNQ all-in-one desktop hub. What better than having one device that can do it…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 145 x 145 x 85 mm

Charging Powerbank 5000

Features: Talk, play and browse longer than ever with this 5000 mAh power bank. With its sleek design, credit…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 95 x 65 x 15 mm

Charging Powerbank XL 10000

Features: Powerbank XL is a high-capacity universal battery with enough power to charge USB-C laptops as well…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 98 x 65 x 18 mm

Everybit Precision Kit

Features: The ultimate high-performance precision bit kit manufactured from durable S2 steel with an anti-slip…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 167 x 65 x 17 mm

Soundstream Bluetooth Speaker

Features: Meet this compact wireless speaker that brings your music and friends together. No wires no hassle,…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 60 x 60 x 62 mm

Lenso 3n1 Smart Phone Kit

Features: Enhance your smartphone and tablet photography with this universal 3n1 lens kit. Combining fisheye,…

Colours: White/Black

Sizes: 53 x 21 x 24 mm…

iQ+ Multi-tool Powerbank 4500

Features: Designed with the idea of "simplicity & ultra-thin portability”, iQ+ is the perfect travel…

Colours: Black

Sizes: 139 x 68 x 10 mm

Wally Porto RFID Card Wallet

Features: Wally Porto is a luxurious leather bi-fold wallet for the minimalists. Modern in its styling, Wally…

Colours: Black

Sizes: 106 x 70 x 20 mm

Rise Smart Phone Holder

Features: Rise, when design matters. The Rise, is elegant, smart and with a design that makes it a beautiful…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 168 x 106 x 106 mm

Specter Notebook Case

Features: The Specter is a minimalist yet cool laptop bag, with high quality materials and sleek, professional…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 400 x 300 x 40 mm

Wally Carta RFID Case

Features: Wally Carta is a card and cash carrier for the minimalists. It is modern in its styling by combining…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 106 x 62 x 9 mm

Powerwave Wireless Charger

Features: Powerwave delivers wireless charging up to 10W for fast charging speeds and since is optimised for…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 100 x 100 x 11 mm

Phantom Anti-Theft BackPac

Features: Phantom, the Smartest Backpack is made out of high quality water resistant fabrics and has reflective…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 410 x 310 x 120 mm

Folio Accessory Roll

Features: Folio is the ultimate companion to keep your digital and the increasing number of tech items we carry…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 400 x 225mm open, 230…

Wally RFID Case

Features: Wally is a secure (credit) card holder for the minimalists. It offers room for up to 6 cards and has…

Colours: Graphite

Sizes: 106 x 63 x 9 mm