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Need a product idea for your full colour logo?

21st February 2017
Writing Instruments We can produce a range of spandex products, a perfect match for your full colour logo. Product Ideas include; luggage covers, wine bottle covers, book covers, wrist wallets, and arm warmers! Spandex Luggage Covers The spandex luggage cover turns a basic suitcase into a trendy travel accessory. The elastic cover stretches around the case providing protection and helping it stand out on a conveyor belt. Spandex Luggage Cover are made in 4 ways stretchable material (87% polyester + 13% spandex) with zipper closure (optional for Velcro and button closure). It’s easy to use and will fit on your suitcase in seconds. We offer 3 different sizes (regular 28”, small 19-21” and trolley brief case) to fit your needs. They're durable, reusable and hand washable. The new spandex luggage cover makes your suitcase instantly recognizable and the big branding on the cover would immediately attract other traveler’s attention!