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Handi Cable Wrap

Simple but very useful item for keeping electronic accessories like earbuds, charging cables etc. tidy and…

Colours: White, Black

Qwerky Cable Tidy

Soft touch silicon holder for keeping electronic cables tidy and tangle free.

Colours: White, Red, Blue, Black

Axon Cable Manager

Soft touch silicon cable manager that attaches securely to a desk or counter and keeps multiple electronic and…

Colours: Black

Quadrant USB Hub

Design inspired USB hub with four ports.

Colours: White

USB Mains Adaptor

USB Adaptor plug for charging electronic devices from mains power sockets. SAA and RCM approved for use in New…

Colours: white

Apple Connectors

Connectors which attach to a Micro USB cable allowing it to charge Apple devices.

Colours: Individual, Bag

Sizes: Dimensions

Triple Connector Cable

A very useful mobile accessory that is effectively three cables in one. Has a common USB plug with connectors…

Colours: White

Large Micro USB Cable

Handy USB cable with a micro USB connector for charging and tethering. Can be supplied with Apple Connectors for…

Colours: White

Aluminium 4 Port USB Hub

Stylish aluminium USB hub with four ports and a USB 2.0 interface. Laser engraves to an oxidised White colour. A…

Colours: red, blue, black

Round 4 Port USB Hub

Round USB hub with four ports and a USB 2.0 interface.The cable wraps neatly around the unit when it is not in…

Colours: white, red, green,…

Wave 4 Port USB Hub

Robust aluminium USB hub with four ports and a USB 2.0 interface. Laser engraves to an oxidised White colour. A…

Colours: red, blue, black

4 Port USB Hub

Smart USB hub with a flip out connector which has four ports and USB 2.0 interface. A lead time of 10-15 working…

Colours: white, red, bright…

Book Light 4 Port USB Hub

Handy four port USB hub with a USB 2.0 interface. Has the added feature of a bright LED light and a flexible…

Colours: white, red, green,…

Retractable 3-in-1 Charging Cable

Convenient retractable triple connector cable which is effectively three cables in one and will work with…

Colours: white

USB Desk Caddy

Desk storage caddy with three high speed USB ports. It lights up when any of the ports is in use and the cable…

Colours: clear, white, blue

3 in 1 Charging Cable with Light Up

Supercharge your devices & branding with our 3 in 1 light up charging cable. 3 in 1 USB connector cable…

Colours: White


4 port high speed USB HUB Size 55 x55 x 30mm

Colours: blue, silver

Multiple Smartphone USB Cable

Small, lightweight, and compact,Great for your bag or travel Size 40cm*4.5


PromoLink - Universal Charging Cable

Universal charging cable with branding area and keyring hoop

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