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First Aid Kits

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Medication Organiser

Unique medication organiser which has seven individual pill boxes that are easily removed. Each box is clearly marked with days of the week for easy medication management.

Colours: White with Frosted…

Sizes: W 188mm x L 35mm x 38mm.

Hand Sanitiser Stick

15ml pump action pocket sized sanitiser that kills 99% of all bacteria and germs. Comes with full ingredient specifications printed on one side and plenty of room for branding.

Colours: Clear.

Sizes: Dia 16mm x L 136mm x…

First Aid Kit

A compact kit containing an assortment of 30 bandages and 10 alcohol pads. The words 'First Aid Kit' and the red cross are a standard part of the product.

Colours: white

Bandage Box

Pocket size plastic box containing 12 bandage strips. Has a push-to-open flip top.

Colours: White.

Sizes: H 83mm x W 35mm x 15mm.

Bandage Case

Five bandages in a handy slide opening carry case. A lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product.

Colours: Frosted White,…

Sizes: W 101mm x H 41mm.

First Aid Pouch

Small translucent first aid pouch for people on the move which contains five bandages and four alcohol pads. A lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this product.

Colours: Translucent Clear,…

Sizes: W 120mm x H 82mm.

Spotless Screen Cleaning Kit

Pump action screen cleaning kit with 30mls of screen cleaning fluid and a convenient microfibre cloth which is stored inside the snap on cap so it is always ready for use. It has a label on the base with ingredient information.

Colours: Translucent Black.

Sizes: L 103mm x W 32mm.

Bandage Dispenser

MOQ: 50PCS Material: PP Size: 10x4.1x1 cm Features:  Colorful body with 3 compartments

First Aid Kit

MOQ: 50PCS Material: PVC Size: 12x8.7x4.5 cm Features:  PVC bag with zippered closure.Kit Includes: 1pc PBT conformign bandage, 2pcs Non woven dressing pads, 5pcs bandages,5small bandages,1pc cotton wool balls,1pc metal tweezers, 2pcs dsiposable gloves,1pc first aid tape roll,4pcs alcohol

Nutrition / Healthcare Organizer

2,000 Food List- 100 Own Favorite Recipe- Instant Nutrition Input from Menu- Weight Control Formula- BMI, Ideal Weight Formula- Daily Control of Calorie Intake- Color: Green (LN-810G) / Red (LN-810R)

Bandage Dispenser

Have bandages within easy reach with the handy Bandage Dispenser. This item can contain 5 bandagaes, and is available in transparent blue, transparent red, or clear.MaterialAstroturfSize10x4.1x1cm

Colours: Transparent Blue,…

First Aid Kit

Make your customers always feel secure with this promotional first aid kit! Promote safety and preparedness with this useful item, which your customers will surely want to bring with them wherever they go! This giveaway is perfect to give to people who love to travel and explore the outdoors. It's definitely the ultimate tool in promoting…

Colours: White

Westmead Foldable First Aid Kit

Westmead Foldable First Aid Kit contains:1 x Triangular Bandage 1 x Elastic Bandage 1 x Adhesive Tape Roll 3 x Safety Pins 1 x Scissors 1 x Tweezers2 x Soap Wipes 2 x SalineSize175 x 120mm

Colours: red , black , blue

Ramsay Pocket Sized Travel First Aid Kit

Contains: 1 x Soap Sachet 1 x Cleaning Wipes 6 x Alcohol Wipes 1 x Antiseptic Wipes 10 x Adhesive Plasters 5 x Small AdhesiveSize110mm(h) x 80mm(w) x 30mm(d)

Colours: red , black , blue

The Aquatic First Aid Kit

Translucent hard plastic, water proof container. Hinged lid:with airtight seal and quick release clip. Airtight, floating container keeps contents dry and reachable. Long neck strap included. 5 wrapped, standard adhesive bandages. 3 alcohol wipes. 1 non-stick, 2 X 3 gauze pad. 1 soap towellete87.5 x 122 mm Size 73 x 157 mm

Colours: red, more colors…

Tablet Box/Band-Aid Dispenser

Pill box and bandage dispenser containing 8 bandages with 3 separate compartments. Bottom slides are open to access bandages. Bandages Are latex free

Colours: Frosted: Blue , Clear

Bandages In Plastic Case

Bandages in plastic case containing 5 bandages. Bandages are latex free.

Colours: Frosted: Blue ,…

First Aid Pouch

First aid pouch in convenient travel size with 5 latex free bandages and 4 alcohol pads.

Colours: Translucent: Blue ,…

Trifold First Aid Kit

36 piece tri-fold first aid kit. Kit contains: sterile gauze sponges x 2, sterile gauze pads x 2, disposable vinyl gloves x 2, triangular bandage x 1, antiseptic towlette x 4, soap towelette x 2, adhesive plaster x 10, knuckle sized band aids x 4, fingertip bandaid/butterfly x 4, confomring bandage x 1, first aid dressing bandage x 1,…

First Aid Kit

First aid kit in a nylon pouch, 12pcs .

First Aid Kit

First aid kit supplied in a nylon pouch with a belt clip attachment, consisting of tweezers, one tape, one role bandage, two adhesive sterile bandages, one small alcohol pad, one sting relief medicated pad, one antiseptic swab, one pair of scissors. Available in red and blue.

Waterproof First Aid Kit

Waterproof first aid kit in a plastic case with carry cord, contains 2 film dressings, 5 plasters, 4 alcohol prep-pads, 1 moist wipe, 1 antiseptic wipe and 1 anti mosquito towelette.

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