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Stationery Set in PVC Pencil Case

Stationery Set in pencil case including eraser, 15cm ruler, coloured pencils in pack & ballpoint pen.


Size 210mmL x 120mmH

Pencil Case - 4CP Standard Label  

  Front - Circle 70mm Diameter (Label Size 70mm Diameter)

  Front - Rectangle 120mmL x 42mmH (Label Size 148mmL x 52mmH)

Ruler - Pad Print 

  Front - Rectangle 145mmL x 13mmH

Eraser - Pad Print 

  Front/Back - Rectangle 42mmL x 29mmH

Pencil Set - 4CP Standard Label 

  Front - Square 41mmL x 41mmH

Pen - Pad Print 

  Pen Barrel under clip - Rectangle 35mmL x 7mmH

  Pen Barrel side/s - Rectangle 40mmL x 7mmH


MOQ: 500
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