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Reforest Jute Bags are here

28th July 2017
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New Reforest Jute Bags Have Arrived!

Jute material is made from vegetable fibres making it a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic tote bags. While this has a long term benefit to the environment, we wanted to pair it with something more immediate and equally beneficial to the environment.

The Reforest Jute Bags gave birth to a pilot program dedicated to replanting degraded land here in Australia.  For every 100 units sold one native tree will be donated into the program.  We donate to tree planting with Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund which is an amazing not-for-profit organisation that has planted over 5.4 million trees since 2001.

Each Reforest Tote Bag has a recycled cardboard tag attached to the strap alerting the recipient that one or more trees has been planted in connection with the production of the bags.

Effectively we've doubled the number of trees being planted with every order of Reforest Jute Bags!