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Dear Prospective Clients;


It's 2019, and we have thought a great deal about how we would like to be perceived as a Merchandise Supplier in the years ahead. We also thought how easy it would be to just tell you (again) how good we are, how big we are, how we never make mistakes, and basically everything else we think you want to hear. But after being in the industry since 1995, it's all getting a bit too generic, and the internet is full of some very dubious and questionable claims. This is not to say that I don't think we're good. We're damn good at what we do. But are we the best? We certainly are sometimes, but we also have an enormous respect for the hundreds of other merchandise companies all over the world, because they also produce some very fine work.

We founded 4Branding in 2008, after working in the industry since 1995. In the last 24 years we've witnessed dramatic changes in our industry, and we often get asked how things have changed. Well in short, everything is different, but nothing has changed. The end goal is still the same. We just do things differently. A pen is still a pen, as is a coffee mug, umbrella, or t-shirt. The products get better, the branding methods more refined, and the range of product options is now enormous. Products and brands get to market faster, so we supply faster. Most promotional product companies have adapted and flourished in the process as merchandise has become one of the most effective tools in marketing and advertising. In 2019 our biggest challenge is in competing against online marketers who happen to supply promotional products, rather than promotional product companies who've had to become online marketers.

We don't have offices all over the world, because we no longer need to, but on a daily basis we deal successfully and very easily with customers and suppliers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, and Asia. The internet has made this possible, but whilst the rapid growth of the online world has created many industries, other businesses and brands have become irrelevant. Technology has created a world that is fast, impersonal, and borderless. Merchandise has survived and prospered in this new era, because branded products create a tangible link between customers and brands. They are personal, valuable, and in a world where we no longer collect things, branded merchandise have become collectibles.

Our team understands merchandise in this new world. We are not focused on price as a motive in trying to win business, but again we are continually challenged by online marketers as they supply commodities over marketing solutions. Your promotional merchandise will work for you if we keep you focused on the goal. Branded products need to solve marketing problems. They need to be designed and branded so as to become desirable, collectible, and cherished. They need to be produced responsibly and need to be thoughtful. 

We established 4Branding to service brands, to develop fruitful relationships, to enjoy what we do, and to produce merchandise that gets results for brands. If you are looking for a merchandise supplier that gives a damn, If you would like to produce a merchandise range, or a one off product that out-designs and out-performs your competitors. If you need to deal with a company with a great deal of experience in marketing, branding, designing, and manufacturing promotional products. If you have a promotional product problem that needs to be solved, then please get in contact. It does not matter where you are located. We've solved problems for clients in Wisconsin USA, for companies in Canada, who need to distribute products for a conference in Berlin, for Australian organisations who need products delivered to China direct from factory. And day to day, we deal with organisations in every city and region throughout Australia.

No matter where you are, and how big or small your organisation is, we can help you create your merchandise in 2019.

We're both a distributor & supplier. We develop and supply merchandise and apparel for all brands, for end clients, for resellers, and for distributors. We are 4Branding. 


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